Walking to the Edge and Taking One More Step

I need a change.

Getting a new hair style seems too mundane. Been there. Done that.

So, I sold our family car. I took it to my friendly dealership and sold it. So now I am looking for a new set of wheels.

I am tired of being a mini-van mamma. I want to go back to driving stick shift. I have been driving automatic cars for too long. I have been living my life on auto-pilot for too long.

I miss the feel of the clutch and the gears shifting. I miss down shifting and power shifting. I miss having that kind of control.

The house is next. Just as soon as I settle my transportation, I am going to put the house up on the market. Furniture and all. I don’t want to leave the town I live in. I just want a bigger space to live in.

I recently came across a Facebook status that read: Faith is walking to the edge of all that you have and taking one more step.

Well, I have decided to take that One More Step. Actually, I will be taking one enormous step…out of an airplane. I am talking about my very first skydiving adventure scheduled for next week (weather permitting). Details to follow…so long as there are no accidents.