Things Im Afraid To Tell You


I saw this post on blog and was intrigued.  So I thought I’d join in the fun.  I am a total virgin at this so here goes…

  1. I blog anonymously for a few reasons. If my husband found out, he probably File for divorce. If my family found out, they’d disown me. And if my in-laws found out, they’d sue me for libel.
  2. I am a sucker for black & white movies. I especially love anything with Grant, Dunne, Stewart, Tracy & The Great Kate!  (Hepburn for those of you too young to know).
  3. No one, not even my husband or BFF, know that I have been prescribed (and taking) Xanax to combat anxiety & panic attacks since my last birthday.
  4. I am really worried (hence the Xanax) that undiagnosed bipolar disease runs in my immediate family.  It is scary.
  5. Apparently, I am a closet adrenaline junkie. I speed, like all the time, I enjoy target practice, rides on jet skis, speed boats and airplanes.  I thoroughly enjoyed my skydiving adventure several months ago, and am looking for a new adventure.
  6.  Obnoxious noise pollution drives me nuts.  The sound of lawn mowers (professional grade), leaf blowers and weed whackers the loud unmuffled engines screeching sounds incite an anger in me and I just want to run outside throw water on those ear-offending engines.
  7. I care too much about people and their situations.  I care to the point that I get involved and then when I am handed the short end of the stick, I find myself repeating the cliche: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.  Hence, that was the reason for the start of my blog.  But then my life was upended and went haywire and my blog was hijacked (as is most of my life).

So here I am.  I am almost done picking up the pieces (most of them) and putting together a mosaic with the broken pieces of the life I used to have and am hoping to create a masterpiece.  At least that is my goal.

Thank you to JD at Honest Mom for doing this!